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Welcome Back to the 80s

February 1, 2007

Welcome Back to the 80s

Well, this is how trends travel in time. a couple of years ago we all went 70’s and retro in music, fashion and entertainment and now it’s time we celebrate the 80’s all over again.
My brother has a theory about the 80’s: god punished humanity and the 80’s were the aftermath. Take the previous decades where people were doing experimental music, shitloads of drugs, free sex and everyone was anti government. Then fast forward to the 1980’s where god introduced all the hippies to Heroin, Crack and overdosing, put rubber masks on all the guys and gave them HIV, showed us exactly where big brother America was heading and…oh…introduced synthesizers to punk rock, psycho killer, quest’ que ce.
Well people, brace yourselves, we’re doing it again.
The fashion industry has already adopted the 80’s look with colorful motifs and layered clothing (I just hope the shoulder pads never come back). And now the music industry is at it as well, but with a twist.
Let me re-introduce the most talked about album of the year – My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade. When I was a young boy my father took me in to the city to see Skid Row perform. From there began my love affair with heavy metal and big rock n’ roll productions. I guess, somewhere in the beginning of the 90’s we got sick of it and started listening to Grunge which later evolved into Indie. We became obsessed with singer/songwriters, acoustic guitars and true emotion. And then…”What have we become, just look what we have done”, hard rockin kick ass bands are replaced with half naked Britney Spearses.
The Black Parade is a milestone for music and it brings back the 80’s heavy metal with a light punk slant. I love it; I’m so happy it’s legal to listen to heavy guitar riffs and loud screams again. I know they call it Emo nowaydays, but let’s face it, it’s full on Heavy Metal. The Black Parade is a marvelous album, not just because of the great musicianship, but because it brings back memories and reinvents hard rockin music.
And it’s not only “My Chemical Romance”, there are all the bands doing the popular theatric themed metal like “Panic at the Disco” and “The Killers”. I guess it all comes down to big ass expensive productions. Ya, that’s it, welcome back to the age where producers have a real say and bands pay lots of money for the best studio in town.
I’m glad music evolution has taken its toll and I hope this time around it will stick. We had a quick ‘cry for wolf’ when “Limp Bizkit”, “Papa Roach” and “Staind” were at it a while back, but they weren’t the real thing, I think this time around we’re golden.
Rock On!

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