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Weird, Weirder, Weirdest

Weird, Weirder, Weirdest
Not a very funny month of Weird, Weirder, Weirdest, but still a unique one.
Those thousands of unsigned musicians struggling against a brutal tide to get themselves heard in this incredibly challenging industry need despair no more: has arrived to provide much-needed support.
This website is devoted to marketing and promoting Indie music through free and discounted services and offers, and a new interactive community for both bands and their fans that includes blogs, forums, educational and promotional opportunities.
Online music communities: not weird. Online music communities that offer to make you a card-carrying member of their organization: a little weird. I’ll be first in line for a credit card with Sonic Youth on it, though….

New signing You Say Party! We Say Die! is currently gracing the cover of Exclaim! Magazine ( in Western Canada this month, congrats to them and whoo-who! They will be out on Exclaim! Tour supporting “Lose All Time,” the band’s spectacular sophomore album…
I’m not sure that death threats are the best way to engender fan loyalty. I could be wrong, though. Coming next month: “You say read! We say defenestration! (formerly known as Independent Clauses).”
Click here to sign the Save the Internet Radio Petition:
As you may be aware the US Copyright Office Copyright Review Board announced a decision late last week that released a ruling on performance royalty fees that are based exclusively on the number of people tuned into an Internet radio station with no consideration given to what, if any, revenue is generated by the broadcaster. This decision has the very real potential to force the closure of a wide realm of online webcasting sources that have significantly impacted the growth and development of independent roots music across all genres. To lose this avenue of promotion and support for roots based music could be potentially devastating with respect not only to its financial impact on the industry, but to its cultural survival.
While not very funny, this is the weirdest thing that came across the bar this month. This isn’t just “weirdest” – this is real, this is creepy, and this is not cool. Sign the petition and do your part to save internet radio.