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Walter the Orange Ocean-Restless or Sleeping

waltertheorangeoceanWalter the Orange OceanRestless or Sleeping

I have known Daniel Burke, the lead singer of Walter the Orange Ocean, for some years now and had the privilege of working with him and his band mates in London in 2005.
Of all the artists I have heard in the last, say, five years, this Boston-based group is my favorite. This is partly because of their modest approach to their music – minimalist, tasteful musical moments – but also for their flawless performances of songs about the ‘everyday.’ For the craft of songwriting alone, this group deserves accolades.
To my ears, they have reached new heights with their recent self-produced album Restless or Sleeping, demonstrating a very clear and uncompromising vision of how they wish to be heard. Notice the laidback drum and vocal delivery in the song “Comic Book” or slightly ethereal feel to and scratchy vocal performance on “Different Ice Age.” Perhaps most notably, “A State Away” unravels a unique musical texture with excellent vocal harmonies and beautiful instrumental touches.

– Lior
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