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Video: “Strange One” by CJ Stranger

Last updated on November 20, 2020

CJ Stranger is the latest incarnation of Australian songwriter Cameron James Henderson, whose 2016 blues-folk album Storm Rollin’ In was a personal favorite that culminated with a Phoenix, Arizona performance. Now Henderson is set to follow up in 2020 with a shift in direction. The Ro Miles video for “Strange One” leads the show:

Dennis Coomer is driving the train (literally; there’s a train in the video, and Dennis Coomer is driving it), while Cameron James Henderson (vox/guitar), Harry Day (drums), and Nick Henderson (bass) throw out a heavier indie vibe that is just great. Mixed by Anton Hagop with mastering skillfully done by Matthew Gray, this is funky indie cool! How long until the rest of the album drops? I hope we get to hear it first! —Lisa Whealy