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"Valley Winter Song" gets tapped by L.L. Bean

December 23, 2008

The criminally underappreciated Welcome Interstate Managers by Fountains of Wayne should get a boost. L.L. Bean tapped “Valley Winter Song,” one of my favorite tracks off the album, for a commercial. The commercial isn’t anything that exciting, but the fact that Fountains of Wayne is getting some love (that doesn’t include Rachel Hunter or “Stacy’s Mom”) is exciting to me.

Here’s the L.L. Bean commercial.

Here’s a couple other commercials with indie bands in them.

Kira Willey was introduced to me via this Dell Commercial.

Of Montreal parodies themselves for Outback steakhouse.

An emotionally impactful GM commercial with Brandi Carlisle in it.

This trend is good; I hope it continues with many more  undiscovered (and discovered) bands.


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