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TyLean makes discomforting, experimental, dark music

February 10, 2010

Things I am a fan of: concept albums, found sound, cello, piano, non-linear songwriting, operatic vocals, dark moods. Things I am not a fan of: extreme dissonance, instrument abuse, amelodic songs. TyLean’s Between 10 and 2 features all of those things, and thus I am somewhat conflicted on what I think of the release.

TyLean fashions herself as a vocalist, “pianist,” and cello rapist. These are all very self-aware descriptions. Her strength lies in her vocals, which are operatic and intense. Her skill as a pianist is difficult to discern, but it’s definitely creepy throughout. And as for the cello raping, I’m not sure you’ve ever heard anything exactly like “Rosalyn.” I know I haven’t heard anything quite as creepy and eerie come out of a cello. There’s lots of scraping, creaking and painful sounds accompanying a tune about a serial killer (or a dream about a serial killer?).

This is extremely experimental music. If you like dissonant, artsy, horror-inspired music, Between 10 and 2 will satisfy your desires to the extreme. If you wish Evanescence was a horror-punk band, or that Paramore was more like Psycho and less like Twilight, then TyLean is also your girl. There’s not a tune here that doesn’t just ooze creepiness. And for some, that’s awesome. As for me, I prefer not to be discomforted by the music I listen to.


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On February 12, 2010 Doreen wrote...

Her music is as diverse and unique as it's creator. It comes to her from her soul and completely contradicts the beautiful person Tylean is on the inside. I am awed by her willingness to follow her own path in music and that she does not waver. Her voice is as resonant and powerful as her music, and I am blessed humbled and honored to call her.friend!

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