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TyLean makes discomforting, experimental, dark music

February 10, 2010

Things I am a fan of: concept albums, found sound, cello, piano, non-linear songwriting, operatic vocals, dark moods. Things I am not a fan of: extreme dissonance, instrument abuse, amelodic songs. TyLean’s Between 10 and 2 features all of those things, and thus I am somewhat conflicted on what I think of the release.

TyLean fashions herself as a vocalist, “pianist,” and cello rapist. These are all very self-aware descriptions. Her strength lies in her vocals, which are operatic and intense. Her skill as a pianist is difficult to discern, but it’s definitely creepy throughout. And as for the cello raping, I’m not sure you’ve ever heard anything exactly like “Rosalyn.” I know I haven’t heard anything quite as creepy and eerie come out of a cello. There’s lots of scraping, creaking and painful sounds accompanying a tune about a serial killer (or a dream about a serial killer?).

This is extremely experimental music. If you like dissonant, artsy, horror-inspired music, Between 10 and 2 will satisfy your desires to the extreme. If you wish Evanescence was a horror-punk band, or that Paramore was more like Psycho and less like Twilight, then TyLean is also your girl. There’s not a tune here that doesn’t just ooze creepiness. And for some, that’s awesome. As for me, I prefer not to be discomforted by the music I listen to.

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