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Trouble Books

troublebooksTrouble Books: An Appeal


Dear Trouble Books,

A few days ago I stumbled upon your album [u]Distortion Pedal.[/u] As I usually do, I stuck it in my playlist along with the other bands I have to listen to and went on about my business. A few hours later I found myself skipping all the other tunes just so I could hear another one of your tracks. Eventually I just left shuffle mode and played your wonderful album in repeat.
Standard procedure, I figured; I’ll do a quick background check and post a nice article about them. Here’s my chance to tell everyone about how unique this album is and how it sort of reminds me of a band I used to listen to called Radial Spangle.
A quick Google later and I was presented with your [url=]MySpace page[/url]. There was no about section, just a bunch of weird and wacky tunes that really convinced me to do the write-up. A quick click on the band website link lead me to a [url=]Geocities website[/url] (I didn’t even know Geocities still existed). The cryptic site only presented a little info about the album being out and some contact details. I quickly sent you an email requesting details about your sweet lo-fi sounds with the nice backwards guitars and hint of a horn section which is so reminiscent of the band Hood. Biting my nails I waited impatiently but to no avail.  So I decided to post this appeal in hopes you might Google yourselves and land upon this humble blog. Maybe your fans from Akron, Ohio, will find us and tell us more about your witty lyrics. After all how many people use phrases such as “You don’t sing when you do the dishes anymore”?
So who are you? Why do you have 48 fans on and no marketing guy is bombarding us with press kits and glossy photos?
OK, so maybe I should have waited a bit more for your reply. Maybe I should have contacted you through MySpace. Maybe I could have figured out that some of you guys are part of another great band called [url=http://×7.html]Six Parts Seven[/url] and contacted them? But then again, I reckon this makes for a much more interesting post.