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"Travel Music"

A new month is upon on so it is time to look back and see what I listened to this past month. Because of two gigs and a trip to the west coast I was, once again, presented with the opportunity to listen to a lot of music. So here are my top five albums of July.

1.Full Collapse – Thursday
I believe this album has been on the list for all but one month. It’s just a quality album that still amazes me 4 years after its release.

2. Ascertain – SleepBellumSonno
If you read my [] review of this album last month you will understand why it is on the list for its second month. “So Long, As Your There” has ended up on a number of playlists

3. DecemberUnderground – AFI
Yes, it’s a major label release, and yes, it really isn’t that great of an album- but it seems to have gotten stuck in my car’s CD player. Check out the intro of the album and “The Missing Frame”.

4. How to Start a Fire – Further Seems Forever
I bought this album three-ish years ago and liked it. Then I stopped listening to it, and rediscovered it a few times, this month was a month to rediscover it. While it is nothing that will blow you out of the water, this is a solid album that I always enjoy when I listen to it.

5. I am Hollywood – He is Legend
This was one of the most ignored albums of last year, possibly because it falls under the “post-hardcore/ emo” genre, possibly because it was released around the same time as Norma Jean’s O’ God the Aftermath. Either way, it was unfairly ignored. If you like thought provoking lyrics and heavy in-your-face music, you will love this album.

Until next month
-Scott Landis