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Traindodge-Torch EP + 2


Band Name: Traindodge
Album Name: Torch EP + 2
Best Element: The instrumental breaks
Genre: Ambient/hard rock/I don’t know
Label Name: The Torch EP was released by No Karma Records but the band is signed to Ascetic Records.

Band E-mail:

This band has one of the oddest sounds I have ever heard- period. They sound like what I imagine would happen if The Felix Culpa and Futher Seems Forever got on the same stage and performed at the same time with Tim McIlrath of Rise Against doing all the vocals. Yes. it would be odd, and probably give more than a few people seizures, but it certainly would be interesting. And just like that show, there is no question that his album is interesting.

The album is a “lost EP” from 2000 with the addition of two unreleased songs. This gives the first 4 songs from the original EP a slightly different feel from the other two songs because of the changes in style that occurred between the birth of the two un-released songs and the recording of the original EP. Though the style does change, it is interesting to hear how the band grew.

My favorite song on the EP is the 11 minute, completely instrumental “Cactus Flag”. This track is 11 minutes of flowing music that allows you to think and contemplate life and love and anything you want to.

The album is a great record to sit back and soak in; the vocals are rough but are used sparingly and allow for the music to take over.

-Scott Landis