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Tragedy Andy-It's Never Too Late To Start Over

tragedyandyBand: Tragedy Andy

Album: It’s Never Too Late To Start Over

Best element: It ends, eventually.

Genre: POP-punk


Label: Pop-Smear Records (

Band E-mail:

I hope that no pre-teen girl ever hears of this band, because they will love it. This is Drive-Thru Records material: simple music, lyrics about heartbreak and suicide, and a maximum of six chords per song. This is music that is aimed at the lowest common denominator. This is the music that makes you questions people’s intentions in music.

The CD starts out with “Safe to Say”, a quick finger to some lost girlfriend, as is the second song, “Damsel”. “Arrival of Me” changes pace by talking about his own fuck-ups with this girl. The rest of the CD follows the same path. It seems to be one long story about this one lost girl; I think he needs to get over her.

As I looked though the CD booklet I saw that the bass player was the lead singer. Tell me how a band can put out music that has the most simplistic guitar parts I have ever heard when they only have to worry about doing the backing vocals? These guys aren’t musicians. They are overgrown kids who wanted to pick up some girls by playing music.

This CD came with a press release, which I always find helpful. This one just confused me. The main problem was that it was a different band in the picture. Four completely different guys were in the picture. Hopefully this is just Pop-Smear being stupid, like they are usually are, but the thing is that everything about these guys makes them look like a joke.

The worst thing this CD has is a hidden track that is about ten minutes long- 8 1/2 of which is blank. When you finally do get to the meat of the track it is the band making a prank phone call. The extra track makes the CD look 10 minutes longer than it is and is so immature that it takes away any respect I had for the band. Don’t waste you money on this one.

-Scott Landis