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Three Singles

There’s no denying that visualization and digitization have changed the global music scene. Forty years have passed since MTV’s August 1, 1981 beginnings. Do you live for curated playlists from trusted sources or hit YouTube Music’s improved sonic experience algorithms to influence your ears or move your soul? Today, the vibes your friends talk about are the ones sending us towards tracks like the jazz/trip-hop fusion brilliance of French-Canadian Caravan Palace’s “Melancolia”.  

“Fashion” from Berlin’s Flowers 15 (off their upcoming release Friends Team) is aligned with the avant garde artistic feel of Italy’s PINHDAR. Suggesting that Flowers 15 is only “flower pop” ignores its depth as social commentary unified with emerging visual arts. The latest singles “Twitter” and “I Hate Instagram” could fall into preconceived ideas of what the songs might mean, but there’s more there.

“La Reputación” – El Italiano. Alejandro Giannini’s El Italiano tells his own story of an Italian heritage whose family emigrated from Calabria, Italy to Argentina in this track. A songwriter who composes in Spanish, “La Reputación” tells the tale of love and its eternal pull, like a matador’s desire to battle to the death in the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. —Lisa Whealy