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The Last Man of the 9th Michigan Infantry-Read Read Red

February 1, 2006

Band Name: The Last Man of the 9th Michigan Infantry
Album Name: Read Read Red
Best Element:
Genre: Indefinable hardcore spiked with ambient moments
Label Name: N/A

Band E-mail:

This is a hard release to review. One minute I’m saying to myself, “The recording quality isn’t great and that hurts the release.” The next I’m saying “Screw the recording equipment, these guys put out.” And after listening to this album 27 times (my stupid iPod that keeps breaking counted) I have decided that these guys really put it out there and deserve the credit even if the recording equipment sucks.

The Last Man (as they shall be know, for their name is far far far too long) sounds like the love-child of Norma Jean and Bear Vs. Shark. The entire album flows together with the screaming of the lead vocalist and the spastic instrumentals.

The album really reminds me of Bear Vs. Shark’s live show. The vocals sound like are coming from Marc Paffi running around on stage and the instrumentals are just spastic enough to with a twinge of ambience that makes the album really stick with you. I get the feeling that these guys would put on an absolutely amazing live show, and as I have already found, Read Read Red is a great album to slam dance to.

This is a band that really has a chance. They seem to really put their hearts into the music and it really shows. I can’t wait to see what will result when they get into a real studio.

*Just as a note, the website hasn’t worked for me, and I can’t find a single Myspace or Pure Volume site for these guys, hopefully doesn’t mean the worst.*

-Scott Landis

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