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Theanti-Live From Irving Theatre EP

theantiTheantiLive From Irving Theatre EP

Experimental rock with strong guitar work.

Inderma Records

I’m not going to lie; this review was a little hard to write. This is probably because I can’t place the music next to anything I’m familiar with, but that isn’t a bad thing. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what other bands Theanti sounds like, which is more than a lot of other bands have to say.

The strongest feature on this internet-only EP is the guitar work; technically it is very interesting, though it is loaded with a chorus effect. At times this might not do anything for their cause. Adversely, the use of this chorus on the guitar allows them to sound very progressive. Rhythmically, the music is strong; the drummer never misses a beat and the drums sound full. For me the lowest point of the EP was the vocals; throughout the whole EP they seem forced and at times frantic.

The first half of the EP is much stronger, which could be due to the fact that most of the songs sound very similar. The guitar work is centered on having a very technical sound, but begins to drag on a little towards the end despite the EP only being fifteen minutes long. The introduction track is instrumental and probably the most somber. It has the ability to grab the listener if it is their first listen and keeps them wondering what could come next. The next track, “We Are Ruins,” picks up the pace a little and has some jagged guitar work with a firm beat. After that, Theanti gets a little more ambient with the track “Reflections of Time Travel.” Another track, “The Cancer Generation,” is a little lost on me. I feel like the vocals and guitar work aren’t as strong as the rest of the EP’s, and this is where the record starts to lack. From this point on, I feel as if I’ve already heard the rest of these songs because I listened to the first few. However, Theanti define their style with repetitive sound.

Overall, the music is dissonant and jarring. This leaves it to sound very distancing, which some people tend to like. I wouldn’t put this release on to let it fall into background noise, because it would most certainly take charge of the atmosphere.

– Travis Johansen