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The techno breakdown in Bristol Park’s “Get Out”

Best Element: The techno breakdown in Bristol Park’s “Get Out”.
Genre: Pop-punk
Label: Radioboy Records

This split (humorously titled “Aging in Oklahoma”) has two pop-punk bands on it: Minutes Too Far and Bristol Park. Despite being in the same genre, they are easily discernable from each other, as Minutes Too Far has a much slicker production style, which leads to a more radio-friendly, anthemic style than Bristol Park. Bristol Park plays pop-punk with an artistic bent; they throw a techno breakdown in “Get Out”, as well as a piano elegy on the end of “Anah”. They also have a more raw sound than MTF; MTF draws comparisons to FM Static where BP draws comparisons to Brand New (“Your Favorite Weapon” era).

Minutes Too Far features three very enjoyable songs, but unfortunately there’s nothing too innovative in them. They’re a tight band instrumentally, as nothing is off at all; they’re just not as creative as Bristol Park turns out to be. “There’s No I in New Jersey” is MTF’s best offering, as mildly gritty guitars bounce around in a frenetic style. The chorus is excellent, as it features some well-placed back-up vocals and a great melody.

Bristol Park’s three songs are immediately endearing; you hear them once, and you want to hear them again. “Alleyways” features hyperkinetic vocals and the haunting line “So, you’re leaving?” as its main hooks, and they work very well. “Get Out” is their best offering here, as it has aforementioned techno breakdown and some very cool guitar work. “Anah” is a song that delights in off beats and tempo changes; it keeps the listener permanently on edge, and it’s extremely interesting.

Both bands are great here. Minutes Too Far’s conservative style is well-written and well-played, but Bristol Park’s innovative take on pop-punk is surprising and much more pleasing.