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The Swampee

April 9, 2004

Once in a while, you hit a band that you just can’t stand. The swAmpee is pretty close to being one of those.

Their song “Andey” is 2 minutes and 41 seconds of bland power-pop. The only good thing about it would be the chorus hook, which I hummed briefly in my mind until an obnoxious and pointless guitar solo emerged, killing off the coolness of chorus hook. The rest of the guitarwork here is composed of chunky, post-Ramones block chords…which nowadays stands for boring. There is no bass line- at all. It’s completely eaten by the guitars.

On the singing end of things: The lyrics here are on the verge of drivel, and the vocals are tracked in a seriously annoying way. It sounds like a group of drunk guys is singing along the entire time. I’ve never been a fan of this vocal style, but it works even less here.


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