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The Sound Mirrors – The Calling

The Sound Mirrors – The Calling

Binge Records

The album occasionally rocks out with a combination of dark lyrics, happy vocal stylings and nostalgic keyboards.

Fed up with having to listen to pseudo-inspirational speeches and misplaced anger, two musicians in Brooklyn have finally decided to talk back … or rather, sing back.

The Sound Mirrors sophomore effort, The Calling, was, with the exception of the drum tracks, recorded in a Brooklyn apartment during 2005 and 2006, and the result fuses ‘80s synth rock with a hint of early ‘90s alternative.

The Sound Mirrors’ reflection consists of Luke McCartney and Dennis Tyhacz, who split the singing and instrument duties like good little musicians. This provides for a unique experience in that listeners get two separate vocal and musical styles throughout the album.

The album’s opener, “Carousel,” of which Tyhacz sings and plays most of the instruments, is a drum-driven, lyrically ambiguous tune that instantly exposes the band’s ‘80s influence with the trippy, sci-fi keyboard sound. “Breathe” also relies heavily on the keyboard’s various drumbeats.

McCartney then intertwines a ‘50s Godzilla film with human error in “Gojira.” In an admonishing tone, McCartney preaches “We unleashed the monster from the sea below/what has happened to humanity?/will you sit back and sin vicariously?”

As one of the songs reminiscent of ‘90s alt rock, “Land of the Midnight Sun” rocks out as it echoes the musical stylings of Mudhoney’s 1992 album “Piece of Cake.”

The remainder of the album is peppered with seemingly light-hearted sing-a-long tracks such as “Angels Cry,” “Sirens Call” and “Nuclear Saint” that ironically revolve around topics such as the uselessness of love and the death of children.

On the band’s MySpace page, the members simply describe their music as “the opposite of silence,” which implies that it’s just random, meaningless noise, but don’t let that turn you off.

While it may not be on your top ten list of best albums, The Calling will, after a few times through the CD player, settle nicely into your music collection.

-David Miller