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The M.U.T. Show-To A Town Near You EP

The M.U.T. ShowTo A Town Near You EP

Self Released

The M.U.T. Show (which stands for Musical Underground Theater) has brought a lot to the table with their three song EP, To A Town Near You. They have brought energy, comedy and even a rap song. Unfortunately, none of what they have brought is all that great. If this is a showcase of who they are as a band, there is nothing new about them.

Opening track “Verse One” is a typical pop punk anthem filled with anti-parental angst and the usual three chord progression. It is definitely right there in the vein of The Dead Milkmen’s “Pop Punk Girl.” It’s funny, it’s catchy, it’s fun to listen to, but it’s nothing that any fan of the genre hasn’t heard before. It’s the same stale cliché pop punk sound that is overdone and should now just be left to the “greats” of the genre. This stale sound could be a good thing if you are looking to listen to something familiar, but from a commercial standpoint The M.U.T. Show’s sound is not modern or marketable.

Then there is “W.M.D,” which is a rap song. It opens with muffled gunshot sounds which lead into some muffled rapping over a somewhat boring beat. I don’t think I really understood what they were trying to accomplish with this track, since I couldn’t understand the words or the point of a pop punk band putting a rap track on an EP.

All in all – To A Town near You is not awful, but it’s not that great, either.

-Andrea Caruso