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The Morning Benders + skateboarding = love?

I went through a skateboarding phase in middle school. I owned a skateboard, played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 like a madman with my brothers and had a favorite skateboarder (Rodney Mullen, whose talent I still respect immensely). My talents did not mirror Mullen’s, however, and I moved on to other pursuits.

I didn’t move on from my enjoyment of skate culture and particularly skate music. (Pennywise! NOFX! OPM!) But I was thrown for a loop yesterday by the soundtrack of the Transworld skate video I was watching: “Excuses” by The Morning Benders, which is a sublime San Francisco indie-pop tune off their new album Big Echo. Has indie music made its move into skateboarding? If so, why the chamber pop of The Morning Benders? Shouldn’t something with a few less string parts get adopted first?

I have no answers here. I’m still mostly thrown for a loop. The skating is great though: