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The Modern Day Saint/Sonny-Tennessee Isn’t Too Far Away

moderndaysaintBand Name: The Modern Day Saint/Sonny
Album Name: Tennessee Isn’t Too Far Away
Best element: Two incredible bands on one CD.
Genre: Emotional punk
Label name: Fork In Hand Records (
Band e-mail:

The beauty of combining The Modern Day Saint and Sonny on one CD is that they complement each other very well. It’s hard to tell where The Modern Day Saint ends and Sonny’s music begins, aside from the change in the voice of the singer. This makes for a split EP that is a good listen from start to finish because both bands are sure to appeal the listener.

Modern Day Saint has the first three songs on this EP, and all three are superb. Their overall sound is in the vein of Taking Back Sunday if they had Blake from Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil on vocals. The opener “Training Wheels Off” is a hard hitting, intense song which draws the listener in, contrasting well with the second track, “My Summer Home is a Hospital”, which is a more sincere and poignant track. They finish up with “Stretching the Truth Till it Hurts”, a song with catchy hardcore guitar riffs and vocals that are easy to sing along to.

Following The Modern Day Saint is Sonny. They start out with “Penmanship Counts”, which is an intense, poetic, and emotive song. They follow this up with “Getting Back, Getting Better”, a slightly catchier, but still poetic song describing the difficulty of a covert relationship. They round out the CD well with “Really a Wonderful Night”, which has a very somber sound, accented by the addition of a piano to their instrumental repertoire, and powerfully emotional and poetic lyrics.

Thus, a great split for fans of emotional punk. You know who you are- go get it.

-Andrea Goodwin