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The Militia Group: A Bi-Polar Label of Fun

November 1, 2005

The Militia Group: A Bi-Polar Label of Fun

A Refreshing Glass of Music for a Summer Afternoon is the latest compilation album that your bi-polar friends at The Militia Group have released. The label, made famous in the indie community by RUFIO’s Perhaps, I Suppose… puts out the oddest collection of music. Their releases range from up-tempo “I wear my pants 3 sizes to small and sing like I was castrated at age 8” emo/pop-punk acts such as The Rocket Summer to acoustic indie rock such as Denison Witmer to excellent heavy ambient rock like The Beautiful Mistake. This compilation album reflects the bi-polar attitude of the label perfectly.

The Militia Group is just one of those labels that, although you may feel that you should beat up half the guys on the label, you love just because. They really give the listener a chance to hear quality music of many different genres- and that is really something that has to be admired, even if the comps are more bi-polar than middle school classroom.

Check out The Militia Group next time you need music and don’t know what to get. For those who like the heavier, darker material, check out The Beautiful Mistake, The Jealous Sound and Umbrellas. If you are into boys who are missing “the boys” check out The Rocket Summer, Lovedrug, Cartel, and Brandtson. And if you are into the mellow indie stuff check out Denison Witmer and Reeve Oliver. Check this label out if you haven’t before, they are one of the best indie labels out there.

-Scott Landis

Stephen Carradini and Lisa Whealy write reviews of instrumental, folk, and singer/songwriter music. We write about those trying to make the next step in their careers and established artists.

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