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The Mars Patrol-Turn it Around EP

June 1, 2005

mars-patrolBand Name: The Mars Patrol

Album Name: Turn it Around EP

Best Element: Flawless from start to finish.

Genre: Poppy indie rock


Label Name: Outtasight Recordings

Band E-mail:

I beg you, Mars Patrol, please help me get your songs out of my head! I’ve been listening to Turn it Around for two days now and I can’t help but sing along. Your melodies and harmonies are so infectious, your vocals so sweet and beautiful- I can hardly tear myself away.

All drama aside, this is one of the best CDs I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing to date. This oh-so-talented Scottish duo, consisting of Davina Divine and Ross Nelson, has created a masterpiece in that every song is flawless from start to finish.

Stylistically, The Mars Patrol resembles a more mature Lisa Loeb with a twist of alternative rock. The band’s slogan says “Reaching your soul, not bleeding your ears” and they hold true to this. Their music is infused with passion and emotion without the harsh vocals and music used by so many artists. Replacing these harsh tones are sharp, clean vocals and guitars that please the ears to get you singing and tapping your toes.

This is the kind of act you would typically see at a local bar, playing songs while people drink and listen – but their talent screams that they are destined for more. It will be a pleasure to watch their fan base grow so that they can touch the hearts of others with their wonderful sound.

-Andrea Goodwin


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