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The Mars Patrol-Are You With Me?

Band Name: The Mars Patrol

Album Name: Are You With Me?

Best Element: Distinctive and catchy indie rock with a pop twist.

Genre: Indie rock/pop


Label Name: Ravista Records

Band E-mail:

The Mars Patrol is not your kid sister’s bubblegum pop. They play mature, talented indie rock with a pop twist. With this new mini-album, Are You With Me?, the follow up 2005’s stellar Turn it Around EP, Scotland’s The Mars Patrol has proved that they not only have talent, but they have staying power.

In fact, Are You With Me? is a musical triumph in and of itself. With a combination of tremendous musical talent, Davina’s spectacular vocals, and remarkable songwriting, this mini-album begs you to listen to it over and over again. Just as it was on the Turn it Around EP, the upbeat sound which prevails makes you want to sing along, and keeps the songs stuck in your head for days to come.

Another excellent thing to consider is that, although there was only a year and a half between the Turn it Around EP and Are You With Me?, The Mars Patrol managed to craft a more mature sound while retaining the distinctive quality which separates them from the masses. With all of these positive effects backing them, it’s no wonder why they are gaining much deserved worldwide acclamation. Their Myspace page has links to fan-sites from around the world – everywhere from their native Scotland to the US to Italy and Mexico, just to name a few.

All of this said, this is an album not to be missed. The catchy songs and excellent vocals will have you singing along with each track as you listen, and humming along to the music when it inevitably gets stuck in your head.

-Andrea Caruso