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The Holiday Electric's pop/rock is slick, melodic, and well-done

The pop/rock that The Holiday Electric plays is slick, tight, and melodic. The only problem is that is has no element to call its own. There are many other bands playing pop/rock just like this: We the Kings, Boys like Girls, Augustana, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, etc. This doesn’t mean that the band will not be successful.  It just means that if you like this type of music, you’ll be on board with The Holiday Electric. If you’re not, then The Holiday Electric isn’t going to convince you.

Each of the four tunes on their self-titled debut EP culminate in towering choruses with pounding drums, skyscraping guitarwork, and thrumming bass notes. Knowing that doesn’t dismiss the joy that comes from hearing the songs; The Holiday Electric creates songs that tantalize you with the chorus. They build the tension to the point where it’s almost palpable (see “Heart Attack,” where they actually pause the song), then let you have what you want. It’s great.

The distinguishing factors between songs are neat: “Heart Attack” has a heavier guitar riff at the beginning of the song and a piano bridge before returning to power-anthem mode. “Til the River Runs Dry” features no electric guitar in the verses. “Perfect World” has a piano base and the best vocal performance on the EP. And that’s saying something, as Chris Woods’ voice is clear, bright, not helium-high, and not the least bit annoying (hallelujah! hallelujah!).

This is pop/rock, pure and simple. It doesn’t aspire to be anything else, and it succeeds admirably at its mission.  The songs are good. If you’re the type to get into pop/rock, you should get their EP (which they’re giving away as a pay-what-you-want download) right now. You will be hearing more about The Holiday Electric.