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The Finals-Plan Your Getaway

thefinalsThe FinalsPlan Your Getaway

Immortal Records

The Finals are an indie rock/pop band who have, in Plan Your Getaway, put together a full length CD that is worthy of a spin.

A follow-up to their 2004 Long Short Story EP, the progression of tracks on Plan Your Getaway suggests a very ambitious effort for this New Jersey quintet. There is some good musicianship to be found on this, their first full-length CD, but for the most part, the effort falls flat.

It’s not that the songwriting is bad; it’s just that the majority of the lyrics fall between good and cliché. There are good messages being conveyed, but not in any new or profound way. For example, the song, “They’ll Never Know” says “I know it’s so hard to be strong/stand back and take a look at your life/stop stalling and make things right.” There is just a level of simplicity to the songwriting which makes it hard for a strong message to be conveyed. Fortunately, there are times when the inflection in the singer’s voice and the mood of the song reflects some emotion which makes the music relatable.

At times, the album seems to drag on and on, with only a few songs standing out as radio-worthy (and, by that, I mean that they have a hook that makes the songs memorable). Some tracks that are recommended based upon this would be “Something to You,” “Life as a Car” and “Extended Autumn.”

If you take out the stale tracks and listen to the songs that are more memorable, there is some good music to be found on Plan Your Getaway. Aside from that, this is just another “good” CD.

-Andrea Caruso