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The Fades-Social Misfits

July 1, 2006

thefadesBand Name: The Fades

Album Name: Social Misfits

Best Element: High energy punk rock

Genre: Punk/Psychobilly


Label Name: Dirrty Records (

Band E-mail:

Southwest London’s The Fades is Misfits-esque psychobilly with a pop twist. The aptly titled Social Misfits is a high energy, fun listen that does the genre justice.

Their sound, though, varies from song to song. At times, they have a very brooding, somber feel, yet at other times they can sound more poppy. The contrast can be experienced quite well within the opening track “1995”, which opens with a quick-paced guitar riff, and after a short time, it is accompanied by a darker, brooding bassline, giving it that traditional psychobilly feel. At other times, they seem a little poppier, such as the song “You Say”, a quicker song with a good dance-able vibe to it.

One thing that The Fades does not purport itself to be is complex. It is clearly straightforward fun music with simple lyrics. It is a fun listen, but does not attempt to make any strong political or social commentary. The last track on the CD, “Another Song About a Motorbike”, is just that: another song about a motorbike.

In their lack of seriousness, the Fades accomplished what it set out to do. This was a genuinely fun to listen to album. They have a tremendous amount of energy and catchiness.

It would be a great soundtrack for a rowdy, drunken party (assuming that all the partygoers are of legal age, of course)!

-Andrea Caruso

Stephen Carradini and Lisa Whealy write reviews of instrumental, folk, and singer/songwriter music. We write about those trying to make the next step in their careers and established artists.

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