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The Box Social-Blown To Bits EP

theboxsocialBand Name: The Box Social

Album Name: Blown To Bits EP

Best Element: Fun music.

Genre: Loud Pop/rock


Label Name: No Karma Records (

Band E-mail:

I love liner notes. They often set the mood for an entire album, and for the Box Social’s latest EP, this couldn’t be more true. After the hand-written, hilarious, starkly honest intro to the band by the ‘almost-band-member’ Bob Gun, they proceed to thank some hilarious people, and give this note under the “all rights reserved. or something” tag [asterisks mine”>: “Don’t steal our sh*t. Matt is cut like a steak, and he will hunt your a** down.”

If this band didn’t have good-natured, hilarious music, I would be concerned. But, lo and behold, Blown to Bits is full of hilarious lyrics, loud pop-rock, and a general ‘who cares?’ attitude.

From the beautifully titled, evenly-paced opener “Brontosaurus Blues” to the heavy, stomping title track to the bizarre, creepy “Scary Dream” to the ‘best of all possible worlds’ closer “Limb From Limb”, there is some very interesting stuff going on in this EP. “Hold the Phone” sounds a little too much like Weezer, which is why I didn’t include it in the list of awesomeness (although it’s a great song too).

“Limb From Limb” starts out with a solid, rather simple drumbeat augmented with a cowbell. The frantic, neurotic vocals come in with some dirty, Strokes-esque guitars, setting the song into a very nervous, jittery mode. The bass comes in, and the song is suddenly very, very dark. With the addition of one instrument, the song is now a nervous explosion, a creeping monster of a song. The chorus bursts forth with thick guitars and the pop backbone shows itself, but as they lead out of the chorus, their inner indie-rockers are exposed. The guitars come in hard and heavy, a solo rages, the bass pummels, and the drums are still solid. Then comes the breakdown, where the drums stay – you guessed it- solid, while the guitars do minimalist stuff over it. The tension builds and builds until it seems that I just can’t take it any more- and then the chorus comes back in, in all its jubilant glory and revelry.

That’s pretty much the formula for the rest of the album. And you know what? If a formula works, don’t mess with it.

The Box Social loves playing music, loves having fun, and knows a lot about how to build a good pop/rock song- that much is evident from this EP. What is not evident is how far this band will get when the rest of the nation catches on to the fun that The Box Social has and wants a piece of it for themselves. Long live The Box Social!

-Stephen Carradini