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The Appreciation Post-EP

March 1, 2006

Band Name: The Appreciation Post

Album Name: S/t EP

Best element: All the pieces come together nicely.
Genre: Power-pop


Label name: N/a
Band e-mail:

Whether you like it or not, there’s no denying that rock radio has three prevailing trends right now: post-grunge, nu-wave emo, and power-pop-punk. If you’re in one of those genres, you have a serious shot at making it in the current music world. The Appreciation Post falls squarely in the power-pop-punk genre, and I think they’re good enough to get noticed.

The Appreciation Post has every conceivable piece of the puzzle together: catchy melodies, strong sung vocals, 3-minute songs, infectious synth lines, general feel-good attitude. “I’m No Sure Thing” is the song that I would point to if I needed to prove that The Appreciation Post have got it goin’ on: from the get-go, a wickedly catchy synth line blares. The guitars double the synth, the sung vocals call out, and everybody should be dancing by now. The hook “I’m no sure thing! I wouldn’t count on me!” is just begging to be hummed and/or slapped on top of live journals everywhere.

This is the type of stuff that kids right now want. If The Appreciation Post can get their name out there enough, they will be greatly rewarded. The sky’s the limit for The Appreciation Post.

-Stephen Carradini


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