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The Angelus

theangelusBand Name: The Angelus

Album Name: S/t

Best Element: Strategic instrumental timing

Genre: Ambience


Label Name: Pyramid Scheme (

Band E-mail:

The Angelus is an ambient band that pulls its weight in the music world very well. Its straightforward approach to their music makes The Angelus sound very experienced and confident in their music. The Angelus’ self titled album simply has 5 songs that average around 6 minutes apiece of solid ambient music.
Starting off, The Angelus appears as another average-grade ambient band not quite cutting it. But quickly, the band cuts ties from the average and shows itself to be something very special. The selected instruments of this band are guitar, bass, drums, bells, E-bow, keyboard, and a great set of vocalists. No instrument stands out among the rest, so it is only fair to talk about them as a whole. The guitar, bass, and drum set up are average, but the approach with the bells and keyboard add more feeling and power to every song. Their vocals are well placed and bind the instruments to the emotion trying to be conveyed. The lyrics are articulate poems placed strategically throughout every song with care. The ringing of the bells, on top of bold lyrics and vocals, make this band’s music come to life.
It is very hard to find flaws in an album that so much time was clearly placed in. The only complaint many fans of great ambience will have with this album is the lack of tracks and the feeling of wanting more! The Angelus is a clear cut above the rest- their album is solid ambient that fans of the genre need to check out for themselves.

-Tony Kennedy