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Tag: Who’s the Most Forgotten Band?

Well, Now That You Asked: Who’s the Most Forgotten Band?

Well, Now That You Asked: Who’s the Most Forgotten Band?

Every once and a while when somebody hears that I work for an independent music magazine, they’ll ask me who I think the best band they haven’t heard of is. Of course I go through my usual favorites SleepBellumSonno or The Felix Culpa, but lately I’ve been giving out another name: Hopesfall.

To a lot of people within the scene that seems ridiculous. I’ve been told that they are an established band with a great following. Yet people who know underground post-hardcore still don’t know Hopesfall. Part of that is Trustkill’s fault, as they are one of the feeblest promoting labels in the industry, but part of it is also the fan’s fault. Hopesfall has never been the band to sell-out to the idea of the single and has experienced more line-up changes than the local revolving door punk band, both of which have hurt them. However, each album has been such an experience for the listener that I am really disappointed this band isn’t better known within the indie circles.

Alternative Press commented in their review of Hopesfall’s latest, Magnetic North, “Hopesfall has struck a balance between mainstream and underground.”

While I agree whole-heartedly with this statement, the exact words that are meant to praise Hopesfall describe the damning properties of their existence. Hopesfall has been unable to climb the label-ladder to a more supportive group because of the frequent personnel changes, but has also been successful enough to earn a contract with a label that has forgotten its roots and failed to utilize underground promotion.

Hopesfall has released three albums, all on Trustkill Records. Any of these albums will please the listener. This is one of those bands that deep down I know everyone will like – they just need to be heard.

-Scott Landis