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Bravo for Victor!

October 14, 2009

Victor Bravo upholds the myth that all you need to make rock is a couple guys, some instruments, and a garage.  Forget all of the computerized and technological enhancements of today’s commercially successful music.  With obvious influence from bands such as Nirvana and Hüsker Dü, Victor Bravo’s latest album, Hammer Meets Fire, doesn’t disappoint.

Since 2006, the Brooklyn-based band has been pleasing the ears of punk and garage rock fans alike.  The addictive, angst-filled tunes of Hammer Meets Fire fulfill everything that the New York club scene has become infamous for.  This album embodies the anthem of punk, obvious from various track title such as: “Scary Mary,” “God Bless the USA,” and “Motherfucker.”  The vintage vocals combined with quality musicianship make the band worthy of getting out of the garage and into your ears.  Favorite tunes include “Into Debt,” and the first single off the record, “Jagged Cross.”

The listener won’t be able to help but imagine a room full of sweaty bodies hurling themselves around in rhythm to the songs.  The simple yet hilariously angry lyrics will make you crack up or reversely, give you the urge to punch a hole in the wall. Either way, the record is a fun listen.

Victor Bravo-Shut Out the Sky EP

February 1, 2007

victor-bravoBand: Victor Bravo

Album Name: Shut Out the Sky EP

Best Element: The blend classic between Alternative and Punk

Genre: Alternative/Punk Rock


Label: N/A

Band E-mail:

Victor Bravo is a 3-piece alternative rock band based in New York. Their 4-song EP Shut Out the Sky is a collection of alternative and punk rock anthems. The band was formed as a 2-piece made up of lifelong friends Dan Collins (Drums) and Collin Frendz (Guitar/Vocals). For this EP they utilized a session bassist, recording with Scott Mason. They have since adopted a full time bassist and third member Dani Read and have been performing live since. The album is well recorded and mixed for an overall professional appeal. My favorite track of the album would have to be “Binge,” which blends pop appeal with aggression and would, in my eyes, be the best direction for the band to head in as this song sounds a tier above their other material.

My biggest issue with the album is it just sounds dated, beckoning many sounds from the hey-day of the old school alternative and the grunge scene. It isn’t a bad thing per se, as much as it is a personal taste which strikes me the wrong way. The album as a whole seems a bit too safe… the lyrics are a bit cliché and predictable at times. The musicianship itself is well executed and sounds great but there is never anything done which is really outstanding. I never cried “wow” – I just bobbed my head in docile contentment for about 17 minutes, wishing they would experiment out of their “safe zone” and explore some new grounds.

I honesty can’t really say I enjoyed this album, but as I stated above, the genre isn’t my cup of tea. The album is well composed and far from a bad album. Many fans of the older style of punk-alternative bands will likely enjoy this disc. I wouldn’t yet dismiss Victor Bravo and would still be curious to see what their new material will bring. I just wish I could have heard some more experimentation from a band which sounds more than capable of it.

-Josh Hogan

Stephen Carradini and friends write reviews of bands that are trying to make the next step in their careers.

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