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Tag: The Suicide Pact

The Suicide Pact

The Suicide Pact, Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, is an emo band. They have a three song demo. Sounds cliché? Trust me. .it’s nothing like what you think it is.

“The Edge of Forever” immediately throws down everything they are, which is quick punk beats, hard sound, and slow, emo-esque interludes. The ‘lead riff’ is a bit used, but the rest of the song is very cool. The singer has a high tone, ala Saves The Day. He also has a big range, and he fits in the songs very well. “That’s What You Get For Caring” tosses out a harder angle, leaning towards dark rock, but still maintaining a punkish sound. The vocal line is even better than the first song. The breakdown is phenomenal, featuring a powerful, thrashing drumbeat which I didn’t expect at all. It’s an extremely well done song, and one that will leave your jaw on the floor. “There’s Blood on My Wing” starts off with a more melodical approach. The harmonies here are tight and focused, and the vocal performance is the best out of the three. By showing off other parts of their sound, they distinguish themselves from being a good punk band to a really good emo/rock band. It rocks out at the end, and it is truly cool, using some screams contrasted against nice melodies.

Overall, this is a great three song demo, one of the best I’ve ever reviewed. Fans of Vendetta Red mixed with a punk band would like these guys. Watch them, they will be big soon. 8 out of 10.


Buy: N/A (whole album available at above address)