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The Moment-Showdown at the Discotheque

April 1, 2006

top_themomentthemomentBand Name: The Moment
Album Name: Showdown at the Discotheque
Best Element: The addictive nature of the music
Genre: Ambient Post-Hardcore (yes I know that’s not a genre…yet)
Label Name: N/A
Band E-mail: elliot’

This is my version of pop music. Please take that statement with a grain of salt, 90% of what I consider to be pop would scare your parents and make the MTV producers cry. But as long as you are a music lover you will agree with me on this one: Showdown at the Discotheque is an amazing album. It is easily the most innovative album I have heard in years. The combination of standard post-hardcore vocals and instrumentals with a techno keyboard is completely different. This band has not defined a genre, they have created one.

I usually try to avoid comparing bands I review to major label bands but without a comparison you really cannot understand this band (honestly, words cannot do this band justice; you really need to listen to them). The Moment sounds like a blender full of He is Legend, John-Nolan-era Taking Back Sunday, The Bravery, and that drugged-out techno DJ at your local club. Basically, it seems that four guys got together and decided they were tired of compromising on sounds, so they combined their favorite sounds.

I really enjoyed the way this album was split- “One Dollar Love Affair” represents this split. The song is a techno song through and through and after this the album relies more heavily on the techno sound while the first half is more rocked out. The split gives the album a change that keeps the listener interested. Overall this is an album that you can not miss this year. My prediction is that this album will be part of my top 5 of 2006. It really is that strong of an album.

-Scott Landis


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