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Tag: The Light

Tyler Read-The Light, The Glass, The Transparency

tylerreadBand Name: Tyler Read

Album Name: The Light, The Glass, The Transparency

Best element: Emotional sound with catchy hooks
Genre: Punk/Emo


Label name: Unsigned
Band e-mail:

What do you get when you combine deep emotion with catchy hooks? The answer is quite obvious – you get the Tyler Read CD The Light, The Glass, The Transparency. In combining the get-stuck-in-your-head melodies with the emotional intensity, Tyler Read effectively uses music not only as an emotional outlet, but as a creative outlet as well.

First and foremost, this CD is catchy without being overly poppy and repetitive. They are able to create catchy hooks without succumbing to the “bubblegum” sound of made-for-MTV punk bands. That’s not to say that Tyler Read doesn’t have what it takes to make it. This CD’s big hook song, “New Year”, would most likely own the radio waves if it were released as a single. If Tyler Read is going to make it big, however, it will be because they stayed true to their sound and did it on their own terms.

The beauty of The Light, The Glass, The Transparency is in the balance between catchiness and sincerity. The singer has the talent of feeding a lyric’s emotion through his vocal cords and into the ears of the listener. This is especially evident in songs “Loose Lips Sink Ships” and “Heaven is Holding On”, both of which are slower, more intense songs. This balance of an intense yet familiar sound makes for a listening experience which is both moving and enjoyable.

-Andrea Goodwin