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Tag: The Boy with No Face and No Sound

Neil McWilliam-The Boy with No Face and No Sound

mcwilliamAlbum: The Boy with No Face and No Sound

Band: Neil McWilliam

Best Element: Intricate song structure

Genre: Acoustic Emo


Label: unsigned

Band E-mail:

Neil McWilliam is an extremely talented song writer and guitar player. He needs a band. The Boy with No Face and No Sound is an acoustic solo album that reminded me of the entire Punk Goes Acoustic album. And just as Punk Goes Acoustic sounds a little empty without the bass and drum backing, The Boy with No Face and No Sound sounds a little empty.

The quality on the recordings is not the best, but you can really feel the emotion that was put into the album. Even though the songs were very well done, they blended together because the all had the same acoustic mellow structure. There was no song were Neil went off into a solo or changed the structure. Things like that make an album, and while I’m confident that Neil can do it, he needs a band to support him in that regard.

I really enjoyed this album, but because it is acoustic I have to be in a certain mood to listen to it. I think that if Neil would hook up with a band to record his material he could have one of the top ten albums of the year. Neil McWilliam really has the potential to have a great solo career- provided he hooks up with backing bands along the way.

-Scott Landis