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Tag: Skies in Your Eyes Bright as Night Records

Vanishing Kids-Skies in Your Eyes Bright as Night Records

Vanishing KidsSkies in Your Eyes

Bright as Night Records

Calm, soothing beautiful music that’s not difficult or complex.

This is one of the most relaxing EPs I have ever listened to. The music is very mellow, chill with a nice blend of acoustic instruments, electronic instruments and voices.

The chord progressions within the different instruments are what make this EP. The keys in “Valentine” stumble around the chords then land with an electronic vibe and the acoustic guitar chords in “Blanket of Stars” is top notch gorgeous. These progressions just sit on top of the ambient noise to create this feel of ultimate peace with ones self. Consider this a New Age experience.

The only track that isn’t calm is the opener “This Light” – the EP starts with an electronic buzz and female voice, then just starts to rock out. “This Light” is the least chill of the six tracks, but it stays true to the ambient feel.

The relaxing feel of the EP reminds me of the Cure with some of their songs. “UK” reminds me of “Pictures With You” by the Cure, just in how the introduction sets up the mood and you feel like putting your head down and remaining motionless for years. It works because the tracks are long and have a delicate feel to them. Overall, this is just a nice EP to sit and calm down to for a half hour. Nothing extreme, nothing to understand, just soothing music.

Emily Robinson