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Tag: Prairie Bomb

12 Beers for 12 Years


Just like my bottle of Prairie Bomb! (Beer 1), Independent Clauses began its life in Oklahoma. After eight years in OK, the travels began: a summer in Austin drinking Shiner (Prickly Pear: Beer 2), two years in Alabama drinking Bell’s (Oberon: Beer 3), and now two years in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina drinking all sorts of local beer (Triangle White Ale: Beer 4).

No matter where Independent Clauses has been located, we’ve been interested in national and international music. I like to say that we like everyone else’s local music, whether that’s from Baltimore (X-10 Saison with Cantaloupe: Beer 5), Washington (Schilling Ginger Cider: Beer* 6) or the Czech Republic (Pilsner Urquell: Beer 7). I’ve made friends from Chicago (Troublesome: Beer 8), covered Oregon folk (Rogue Dead Guy: Beer 9) and discovered amazing music from Australia (Coopers Original Pale Ale: Beer 10).

It’s allowed me to do crazy things I never expected, like manage a folk band currently residing in the UK (Old Speckled Hen: Beer 11), and helped me meet a wonderful woman who became my wife. I drank Trappistes Rochefort (Beer 12) at my bachelor party this past November, reminiscing on my personal and professional past. It’s been 12 years of Independent Clauses as of May 15, and I can’t imagine my past, present, or future without it.

Thanks to all bands, readers, writers, record labels, PR people, and music business types for being a part of Independent Clauses’ past 12 years! We wouldn’t be here without you. (Special thanks to Bottle Revolution and Ridgewood Wine and Beer for making this post possible.)