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Tag: Pop Songs and Kyries

Blake Jones and the Trike Shop-Pop Songs and Kyries

Band Name: Blake Jones and the Trike Shop

Album Name: Pop Songs and Kyries

Best Element: Untainted retro-pop joy.

Genre: Indie-pop


Label Name: n/a

Band E-mail:

I used to have a friend who loved 60’s rock and roll bands such as The Kinks and the early Beatles- bands that played Fender guitars and wrote fun pop songs. I remember the day I went over to my friend’s house and found that his father (who had been in various bands in his youth) had bought him a new, shiny, red Fender Stratocaster for Christmas- a total 60’s guitar with a red body and maple neck. I was in instant awe of that instrument. And there’s something about Blake Jones and the Trike Shop that reminds me of that guitar.

The music on Pop Songs and Kyries is fun, retro pop with coy lyrics and great harmonies. It doesn’t have one distinctive style but instead sounds like a lost radio station from 1965 playing the Beatles, early Who, and early Kinks. Upon hearing Pop Songs and Kyries, Moms and Dads everywhere will rejoice and reminisce about the good ol’ days back when they used pay only 10 cents for gas and kids actually went outside to play. The funny thing about Blake Jones and the Trike Shop is that they also remind me slightly of Belle and Sebastian, a band that is somewhat retro-pop but still quite contemporary.

Belle and Sebastian (as well as Blake Jones) would have been twice as popular as they are now if they had existed 40 years ago. Instead, they are lumped into a genre so quaintly titled “indie pop.” It’s a perfectly fitting title: It’s indie because no Major can sell that kind of music anymore and pop because it’s easy to listen to and sing along to.

Blake Jones is a band that exists in an alternate universe in which the following events in pop music history never happened: The birth of hip-hop, heavy metal, and Pro Tools. Everyone who misses or is infatuated with the 60’s (I’m guessing most people reading music reviews on the internet were born after the 60’s) should check out Blake Jones and the Trike Shop for a good time. It would be great for a Shins/Belle and Sebastian dance party!