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Tag: Ocelot Eyes

Fall tunes

I just did a fascinating research project about MP3 blogs, but I’ve got a problem: now that I’m sitting back down to write my own blog posts about music, I can’t decide whether I want to go along with my findings or purposefully buck them. In a related note, album reviews will return by the end of the week.

Xoë Wise’s wistful acoustic tune “Comes & Goes” calls up a fall sound. Although it incorporates horn and bells into the mix, the tune remains a gentle, walking-speed tune that’s sure to charm. The single precedes her May 1 release Archive of Illusions. Download “Comes & Goes” now.

Ocelot Eyes‘ “Hide” is a strummy, peppy indie-folk tune with vocals that call up the Decemberists (in the best way possible). It’s also an autumn sound, but you can pine for the falling of leaves in April just fine.

Royal Headache can make a royal racket, and they do so on the 2:13 of barely-contained garage-rock glee that is “Psychotic Episode.” The distortion and speed is there, but the production has a bit more fi in it than Ty Segall or other San Fran garage rockers, which I appreciate.