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Top 5 of the Month: Nostalgia

June 1, 2006

Top 5 of the Month: Nostalgia

And now, on to month three of Scott’s Top 5 of the Month. This month has been devoted to studying for finals, so I’ve had one large mix on my iPod that has provided my music for the month. It was a month of nostalgia because it calms me down before finals. Here are the albums:

1. Full Collapse – Thursday

This is my favorite album of all time. Thursday’s best album, hands down. I’ve had the album since it came out when I was 12 and I haven’t stopped listening to it. But it is always a great album to listen to when I’m stressed.

2. Pollyanna – Northstar

Sometimes I hate this album and sometimes it just hits the spot. This month it has been hitting the spot. It’s very poppy and very simple but damn, I really enjoy it.

3. …And Don’t Forget to Breathe – A Static Lullaby

I may lose any credibility I had with the hardcore kids with this choice but this is a great album. It’s hard, it’s simple and I love it. It was one of the only albums I listened to during my trip to Europe.

4. Tell All Your Friends – Taking Back Sunday

I hate the band now but Tell All Your Friends was an amazing album, and it’s another one that I’ve had around for 4+ years. It’s not the best but I love it for that fact.

5. The Bends – Radiohead

The ultimate chill-out album. I have loved Radiohead for years and will continue to love them forever. The Bends is a great album to relax to after trying to figure out why Walt Whitman hated the world so much.

-Scott Landis

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