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Tag: Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin-5 Song Demo

Band Name: Joshua Radin

Album Name: 5 Song Demo

Best Element: Breezy mood and cinematic ear.

Genre: Folk/pop


Label Name: n/a

Band E-mail:

Ah yes! Joshua Radin. The beauty seeps from your lips like honey and a perfect spring day. It’s warm outside and the flowers are beginning to bloom in people’s gardens as I pass them in my car. Joshua Radin is playing on the car stereo and the sun is shining through the windsheld, heating up the interior of the vehicle.

I believe that setting best describes Josh’s beautiful, radiant folk/pop. He has the same love-ready, optimistic quality as Iron and Wine, Rocky Votolato, or James Taylor. Yet Joshua likes to compliment is simple songs will lush string arrangements that give the music a cinematic quality that should catch on in the post-Garden State indie music scene.

Joshua Radin’s best moments come in “Sundrenched World”, which starts out with a muted violin part that gives a Smiths aftertaste to the song. The chorus comes in with more violin parts and fills the song out. This breezy quality mixed with the cinematic ear Joshua has doesn’t make it hard to understand why his songs have been featured on “Scrubs” on NBC. If Joshua Radin keeps going the way he is, he’ll soon be on his way to John Mayer status.