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Tag: Interview Dorado Gold

Interview Dorado Gold

  1. Name of Your Band: Dorado Gold
  2. Where are you from:  We are from San Diego, CA
  3. Names, ages and instruments of all your members:  Dave Werth, 25 years old, vocals and mic-twirling.  Matt Bennett, 24 years old, beats the skins.  Josh Filkins Knoff, 21 years old, masters the axe.  Zak Freedman, 24 years of age, plays the guitar and provides sexy vocal melodies.  JJ Bannasch, 24 years old, provides bass and stares at the drummer.
  4. Genre:  Rock n’ Roll
  5. How would you, without comparing yourself to another band, describe your music?  Our music has complexities in it, but is not too difficult to understand.  It is natural and rocking, and our songs all sound different…..but can all be recognizable as being DG songs.  Our songs are filled with passion and energy, and are influenced by some great bands but still manage to have a unique sound.
  6. What bands have you shared a stage with?  We have played with Agent Orange, Spell Toronto, Reeve Oliver, Watashi Wa, among many others.
  7. Quick Tour Story:  Our first night in Japan, we ended up going out to dinner and celebrating a bit, but we had a show the very next day in the afternoon.  Our merch/label guy, Tyler, had quite the night out, and ended up getting lost in Tokyo, which was funny because we were only a few blocks from the hotel.  Apparently, he ended up having to call the American embassy in Tokyo to figure out where he was and try and get back to the room, but by that time we had already left for the show (just outside of Tokyo).  So, with our much needed help missing in Tokyo, we got to the venue and miraculously just before we went on, Tyler showed up looking like hell, wearing funny sunglasses, eating cookies and smelling like shit……and was able to help us with merch duties and even filmed the show.  I guess he had to hop on the subway, a train, then a taxi, and 5 hours later he ended up at the venue.  Good times.
  8. Names of all EP/albums and who released them:  EP “Which Way to Tokyo” released on Chordata Records.
  9. Scene you most identify with:  I would say that we don’t identify ourselves with any specific scene, but we play rock music that appeals to different “scenes.”  I hate to try and compare ourselves with a band such as the Foo Fighters, but I don’t think that a band like that can really identify with one specific scene either.