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Tag: For Whomever From No One

Christie Belanger: Music for a Lazy Day


Singer-Songwriter Christie Belanger has released her sophomore EP For Whomever, From No One. The EP’s sound is a combination of sweet soul and flirty folk: Belanger’s voice has a soothing soulfulness, while her instrumentation remains unique and playful.  

“Darker Days” starts off the album with Belanger saying “1,2,3,1,2,3”. It’s such a simple thing, but it’s what really drew me in: the opening starts the listener off to expect a cute playfulness to the album. A banjo-heavy instrumentation then falls into place, followed by Belanger’s surprisingly soulful voice. All in all, the track has a sweetness to it that sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

The combination of Belanger’s calming voice and folk instrumentation make For Whomever, From No One a relaxing EP to listen to. Belanger’s voice has a soulful Joss Stone quality to it. Belanger doesn’t reach for any crazy notes or riffs; rather, her voice has a soothing casualness that sounds effortless. A pattern in her songs, Belanger adds in fun onomatopoeia such as “da da”’s (“Porcelain”) and “Mmmm”’s (“Pioneer Moon”) that only further add to the EP’s charming feel. In “Sideways”, a folky drum set keeps the driving beat and both the electric guitar and organ serve as unique additions to the sound.The last track “You Gave Me Your Hand” has a wonderful Jack Johnson vibe to it in the instrumentation and overall relaxing feel.

For Whomever, From No One is a delightful album to pair with a lazy day or a soothing bubble bath.–Krisann Janowitz