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Tag: Finish What You Start EP

Woodale -Finish What You Start EP

woodaleBand Name: Woodale

Album Name: Finish What You Start EP

Best Element: Excellent timing for this style of music

Genre: Punky powerpop


Label Name: Silent Majority Group

Band E-mail:

Florida’s Woodale makes excellent punky power-pop right up the alley of bands like Yellowcard and The Starting Line. The best thing that can be said for their style of music is that they picked the right time to play this music- because without a doubt, their style combined with their talent will gain them some recognition.

Beyond picking the right style and the right time, the vocals on Finish What You Start are definitely a force to be reckoned with. They are powerful, emotional, and always right on key. This is in contrast to the two small weaknesses of this CD – the songs seem to sound very similar to one another, and the lyrics, while good, are fairly simple and rarely deviate from the subject of love – romantic or unrequited.

Nonetheless, this is a pretty good CD. Would I listen to it again? Sure. Would I see them live? Probably. This CD was recorded in my home city of Winter Springs, FL, so there’s a good possibility that if I keep my eyes open for a show, one will come by. If they put out another CD, would I buy it? You bet. I think there is a lot of potential for growth and, at the risk of sounding like I’m signing a yearbook, as the band’s sound matures, Woodale will go far.

-Andrea Caruso