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Tag: Each Day Starts Anew

Each Day Starts Anew-This Night Falls

Band Name: Each Day Starts Anew
Album Name: This Night Falls
Best element: Incongruent, almost grungy, music
Genre: Emo
Label name: GPS Productions (
Band Email:

A glance at the cover of Each Day Starts Anew’s CD This Night Falls, complete with typewriter font and art photography, would lead a potential listener to make the assumption that this band’s members are influenced by Sunny Day Real Estate. Upon listening, this assumption would be proven correct, right down to the incongruent, atonal vocal and guitar lines.

What separates E.D.S.A from being a complete clone, however, is their use of intermittent screaming taken from modern day hardcore and crunchy, grungy guitar riffs, almost reminiscent of early lo-fi music (think Pavement). These combined elements create a touch of uniqueness that is needed to give the listener something to grab onto and say “that belongs just to this band”. The strongest track, “Whiskey Me”, is almost radio friendly enough to catapult E.D.S.A into the mainstream, but just grungy enough to keep the trendy kids from latching onto them as the latest trend.

What keeps them from being truly great is that with the exception “Whiskey Me”, the eight tracks don’t really have much to differentiate them from one another. They all sort of blend together with the only apparent change being the lyrics to the song. In this sense, the music is almost formulaic.

What’s great about E.D.S.A is that they are the definitive, original emo band – before emo became trendy, got purchased by corporate-owned record labels, packaged up and watered down. This makes the CD a worthwhile listen. It is refreshing to know that someone out there is still doing it old-school.

-Andrea Goodwin