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Tag: Deal By Dusk

Deal By Dusk-Thread to the Torn


Deal By DuskThread to the Torn


Deal by Dusk’s Thread to the Torn is very strange, and really just doesn’t make sense. Think Dylanesque organ coupled with weird folk-style vocals that have a Hendrix tinge. Can you hear that? Ok, good. Now, add grunge/punk guitars and driving drum beats. If you’re a tad bit confused, its ok- I was too.

With that said, the first song, “Blue Manna Battery,” is pretty cool. It’s lively, it’s upbeat, and it would fit on the soundtrack of a summer movie about surfing or something. “Kathleen” is fun too, for many of the same reasons.

Unfortunately, this is one of those albums. When it’s good it’s really good, but don’t try listening to it all the way through— you might not make it. The vocals are intriguing for a while, but can be annoying, in songs such as “Loser.”

Deal by Dusk does get points for instrumentation, though. In “Proof,” one of the better songs on the album, I definitely heard some flute wrapped up in almost-radio-friendly avant-garde punk.

In short, it’s kind of strange, but you should still try out Thread to the Torn . It might not make your top 25 most-played list, but it’s worth a look just for originality if nothing else.

-Brian Burns