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The Indie Spotlight’s chart can be read sporadically at this location.

The Indie Spotlight’s:
PUREVOLUME Top 50 Indie Chart
December 15, 2005 edition

theMark has retaken the lead by an overwhelming margin.

“Jekyll Walks” by theMark
Rock / Punk / Experimental band from Boston, MA
Peak: 1 Last Week: 3

“Tired Of Excuses” by Brad and Paul
Screamo / Alternative / Experimental band from Fort Worth, TX
Peak: 2 Last Week: 4

”A Versus” by For The Mathematics
Indie / Alternative / Experimental band from Ottawa, ON
Peak : 3 Last Week: 21

“Sing Myself To Sleep” by Remainder 3
Alternative / Rock / Psychedelic band from Guernsey, United Kingdom
Peak : 1 Last Week: 1

”10 Men Strong” by Post Haste
Indie / Rock / Progressive band from Southport, United Kingdom
Peak : 5 Last Week: 11

here’s the rest of the top 50…

Rank / Artist / Song Title
6 Days Of Contraband- First Blood
7 Empty Signal- Fine Arts Song
8 Ghotti- Control
9 Broken Hero- Papercuts and Bruises
10 After The End- The Smile of the Dead Man
11 Ethic- Purple
12 Reverse Mermaid Plausibility- The Climb
13 Tragic Landscape- We’re Goin Down
14 12storyfall- Communication Fails
15 Liquid Harvest- Release Reality
16 Asthmo- Infinity+
17 Bryan Kitchens- Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
18 Gunfight In Athens- Coffee and Cancer
19 Alpha and The Omega- Face Value
20 Ugly Colors- Photographic Memories
21 A Blinding Silence- Miseries and Miracles
22 Lout- You Know
23 theMark- Canto 12
24 MFS- New Plan
25 This Is Rocket Science- Plastic Boats
26 Ghotti- ASBO
27 Silvering- Tragedy
28 Avenue- Swift Speed Of Horses
29 Liquid Harvest- Polyester Tie Dye
30 Wreckless Process- Zero Tolerance
31 Kings Of New England- The Future Minus
32 Awakened- Screwtape
33 Bless The Child- The Hollow
34 Devartoi- Eight Paths
35 Farewell To Arms- Between Me And Modern Medicine
36 The Futurists- Masquerade Pt. 2
37 Bryan Kitchens- Fall Into Pieces
38 Work In Progress- Decompose
39 Fight The Nothing- A New August
40 Corban Eldra- Kansas
41 Great Glass Elevator- Drugstore Cowboy
42 Lazy Fate- Melancholy
43 Royal Addiction- Falling In And Out
44 Rumsfield- Blister
45 Kings Of New England- Woodson Lateral
46 Silvering- Diamonds, Money, And Chocolate
47 For The Mathematics- This Transient
48 Tuscarora- I Don’t Mean This
49 Mikhalt- Rollercoaster
50 NH Project- Into The Next Song (The Fisherman Song)