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Tag: Carrie Went Crazy

Carrie Went Crazy

Carrie Went Crazy…. Is a long and rather odd name for a band. While they may not be long, they are rather odd….wonder what I mean?

Well, it starts off simple enough. “Punk Song” is astutely titled….it starts off on a “we’ve-heard-it-all- before” punk riff. The vocals are really low…it’s quite uncommon in punk, so it’s a bit shocking, and takes getting used to. The chorus is a chain of vocal noises (impossible to explain) which are SO fun to mimic. The rest of the song is pretty cut and paste, but the vocal noises rule. The second half of the solo is creative and cool.

The title song of the demo and band comes next, and so does a COMPLETE change in styles. They move off to a reggae influenced dreamo pop. It works so much better than their previous style. The vocals here fit easily with the confusing lyrics, which I assume about the movie Carrie, but I’m not sure. By the end, the aforementioned vocals are repetitive.

‘Tea Party’ puts up a little faster, more upbeat take on the style. The guitar work, while dreamy, is less legato and feels more accessible. The vocals fit oddly….bordering on misplaced, making it the worst track vocally. The breakdown (if you can call it that) is great, with the bassist taking off and speeding up the song. The final song is “Here I Am”, the most heavily reggae influenced track. The song features some seriously punk lyrics about not fitting into society. Sadly, the vocals start to feel monotonous by the third song. The guitar style is a combination of the 2nd and 3rd songs, legato but separated as well. The guitar solos here are very good, subdued to fit into the song but still shining in their own right. The drummer also shows some major chops here.

On the whole, they excel at their dreamo-pop song styles. Their punk song is hilarious (if lacking musically), and their guitar playing is exceptional. Unfortunately, their vocals are spastic, good here, but not there, etc, etc. They could definitely improve. A good debut, I will be looking for more and better things by them. 6.5 out of 10.