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Tag: Califone

moving pictures

Moving is tough, y’all. It’s been a month since I did anything real that didn’t include trying to figure out where something was (either in my apartment or this city). I did find some videos for you all though, and that’s pretty normal for this blog.

Old Man Luedecke just came into my life, but I’m welcoming him in with wide open arms. He plays a banjo the way it should be played and sings like he means it. This, my friends, is what I call folk music. You can expect to hear much, much more about Old Man Luedecke on this blog.

Califone just released a really awesome “video” tha is a collaborative art project with curated Tumblr accounts. “Stitches” plays as groups of found images float by. It’s a fascinating project that is never the same thing twice. Beautiful stuff. Check it out. (Warning: it’s possible that the images could be artfully NSFW, due to the ever-revolving nature of the content.)

Do we need more yacht-rock, synthy ’80s revivalism? No. Do we want it? OF COURSE YOU KNOW WE WANT THIS. Cub Sport wants to make you dance. I oblige.

I don’t cover rap anymore, but giving you “Action Bronson Live From an Old Folks Home” is about the finest way one can leave the rap game. Watch in awe and wonder.