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Andy Werth-Back to the Sun EP

November 1, 2006


Band Name: Andy Werth

Album Name: Back to the Sun EP

Best Element: Fun, poppy sing-a-long music

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock


Label Name: N/A

Band E-mail:

Andy Werth’s Back to the Sun is a short but sweet EP, showcasing three catchy and poppy songs in a Ben Folds meets Vegas show music style. It’s got a tremendous sing-a-long, feel-good quality.

The musicianship on this EP is really quite good. The vocals are very smooth, and a wide variety of instruments are used. Guitars, piano, drums, strings, horns- it’s got it all and it is all very well done. The EP is also really well produced and sounds very crisp and clear.

Of the three songs, “I Caught a Greyhound to New York” stands out as the best. It’s a fun, catchy little number about taking, as the title indicates, a Greyhound bus to New York to catch a change of scenery. What made this song stand out was a cool little syncopated part right in the middle which is very interesting and diverse.

All in all, this was a fun CD to listen to – as mentioned before, short and sweet but a great way to showcase Andy Werth and his accompanying musicians’ talents.

-Andrea Caruso

Stephen Carradini and friends write reviews of instrumental music. We write about those trying to make the next step in their careers and established artists.

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