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Tag: Apple of Discord

Apple of Discord-Revenge & Regret EP

appleofdiscordBand: Apple of Discord

Album: Revenge & Regret EP

Best element: Unique indie-flavored songs with a twist

Genre: Indie


Label: Azteca Records (

Band E-mail:

It is refreshing to hear a new indie band that is not afraid to rock. I must say, I really enjoy listening to Apple of Discord’s music. Apple of Discord is one of those bands that you can listen to with anyone: they appeal to the indie crowd, the grunge crowd, and the rock crowd. Yes, all of the sub-breeds of music lovers can appreciate Apple of Discord.

At first, the band comes off sounding a bit pretentious and underground-ish, but after listening to the entire album, you start to appreciate the new sound they are trying to produce. As with any thing new, there will always be some trial and error. The bass parts are good and heavy. The guitar parts are mellow, but then become a bit heavier mid-song. There is never a point during the album where I thought any one instrument was overdone. Personally, I think the drum parts could have been a little more technical, but they work in the songs as they are.

Sometimes when experimenting with a new sound, or idea, it is hard to give everything its own “original” characteristics. When I listened to Revenge & Regret, each song started out pretty much the same as the previous song. I’m sure that Apple of Discord’s next album will be just as original, but will have a better understanding of how to produce this new sound of rock music.

I feel that Apple of Discord is doing something special for indie music all over by incorporating different styles in their music. I think the new sound will soon catch on, as their music is catchy and different. All I have to say now is check them out.

-Zack Albrecht